About Simple Family TRAVEL

  We like to travel and because you are here, we guess you do too. 

In a world that never seems to stop, travel can be our one escape from reality - where we set aside time to create lasting memories as a family that will be retold again and again. But planning is time consuming, and even when you spend the time planning you're not guaranteed a perfect holiday. Too often glossy websites are filled with artistic photos, but lack the information you really need. 

Here at Simple Family Travel (SFT) we're all about making the most of quality time. We also realise that sometimes it's just as important to know where to get the best cup of coffee as it is to secure accommodation that suits your family. That's why you'll find practical trip planning solutions based on tips from families who have visited or who actually live there. And we're constantly building so if you have a destination we have yet to cover, get in contact and we will do our best to find information for you. 

In the meantime we realise that even the best laid plans can go awry. There will be tantrums, disrupted plans and unfulfilled expectations and we do you best to find the humour in those stories with a healthy does of self reflection thrown in and learning for all so that we can make things better next time.

So pull up your sun lounger, grab your cold beverage of choice and get started on planning your next adventure.   


Who are we?


Kristin Reinhard - Founder, Writer, Photographer

Travel to me means quality family time, throw in some good food and amazing scenery and you have my idea of heaven. I am happiest near the water, be that the lakes of Switzerland or the beaches of Australia. I love to share stores through my camera and pen. 

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, a year as an Au Pair in Switzerland at age 19 turned into a permanent stay when i fell in love with my Swiss Sweetheart. Together we have 3 kids and call the Canton of Zug home for over 17 years.

The way to my heart is a made from scratch meal, a glass of something (I am not picky what) with a side of deep conversation. When I am not traveling (or planning to travel) you will find me behind my camera, reading books that challenge my outlook on life, writing down my endless new ideas, listening to a podcast or two while balancing my Qi on the yoga mat or singing in the local choir. 


  • Favourite lesson learned on the road: Happiness doesn’t come from things.
  • Favourite cuisine: Mexican, Dumplings and anything italian. 
  • Favourite travel tip: My husband’s advise on long haul flights “its just one day”
  • Favourite Mum hack: meal planning 
  • Favourite Quote: You have all the time you need. 
  • Biggest hurdle to overcome: be in the moment
  • What do you not leave your home without: my camera
  • Beach or Mountains: being half Australian and half Swiss I can’t possible answer this.


Pamela penman - editor, writer

I’m Pamela Penman, Marketing Consultant, Copywriter/Editor, and Executive and Life Coach. I came to Switzerland on a 2-year assignment (which was 11 years ago) and never looked back. I even convinced my London-born man to also give it a go, and now we are a family of four enjoying all that Switzerland has to offer.

My passion is uncovering insights—whether they are travel insights, behavioral insights or marketing insights. Putting all of the data together to form a picture and enact change is what truly excites me. I never cease to be amazed at the incredible resolve and potential in people, and there is nothing that energizes me more than using insights to help people to better understand themselves so they can set their spirits free as they go after a life which is energizing and fulfilling to them, too.

I am an avid non-fiction reader and also enjoy cooking, travel, and camping with my family at Europe’s amazing campsites. I have a deep appreciation of the beauty in everyday moments, and strive to be present and conscious of the here and now every single day (work in progress!).

  • Favourite lesson learned on the road: I need less stuff than I think

  • Favourite cuisine: Indian and Japanese

  • Favourite travel tip: Use extra contact lens cases to pack moisturizer and hair gel if only doing a weekend getaway

  • Favourite Mum hack: get up at 5:00 to get a 2 hour head start on the gang

  • Favourite Quote: Never, never, never give up 

  • Biggest hurdle to overcome: Stop shaming myself for not achieving enough

  • What do you not leave your home without: my lipgloss!

  • Beach or Mountains: I’m a water gal, but being on a lake with a mountain in the background is really some kind of amazing!