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My Badi - Seebad Enge

My Badi - Seebad Enge

It’s Friday! And on Fridays during the summertime we are pleased to feature great information from our guest bloggers on swimming around Switzerland.  The sun is set to return so the perfect time to get out and explore a new Badi. 

Today we are in for a treat! Kate, from Mom in Zurich, shares with us have favourite new Badi .... and the kids aren't welcome! Perfect place to escape for a few quiet moments to where the kids can't find you. 

Where is your favourite Badi?

My favorite badi in Zurich is the Seebad Enge. Introduced only a few weeks ago by a friend, in my opinion this badi has the best food of any badi I have been to. During breakfast it’s so nice and quiet there and I order the acai bowl and eat it with my feet in the lake! It’s so refreshing with these hot summer days we’ve been having, and my 7 month pregnant belly thanks me. They also offer protein bowls, pancakes and delicious lunches. As an extra bonus, the badi turns into a bar at night.



The Seebad Enge is located along the Mythenquai 9 in Zurich. A short 8 minute walk from Bahnhof Enge it is located in the Arboretum Park. Parking is right next to the park.


Opening Hours:

13 May - 28 May: 9 am - 7 pm 

29 May - 3 September: 8 am - 8 pm 

4 Sept - 17 Sept. 9 am - 7 pm

The women's side opens at 9am throughout the season.



Single entry 8.- SFr.
Evening entry: 4.- SFr. (1h before bathing closure) Season subscription 110.- CHF. (Summer season) Annual subscription 240.- CHF. (All year and valid in all public and indoor baths in the city of Zurich).


What Sets This Badi Apart?

In stark contrast to most of the places I take my girls swimming along Lake Zurich that are extremely child friendly, this place is a quiet respite for adults. The website actually says the badi is not suitable for children.

There are so many activities available at this little badi, take a look at their website for all the options such as SUP, yoga, massage, bootcamp, and sauna.

This badi has two 44 meter swimming pools. One is a women’s badi on the left hand side, and the other is a mixed badi on the right hand side. It is a quiet, adult badi, with people lounging on the decking of the lake, eating or just relaxing right in the city. There are swim lanes in the lake and a diving board.

Tell us A Little Bit About Yourself

I was born and raised on a goat farm in Washington State. I met my South African husband while we were both working in Seattle. And two children later we moved to London and now Zurich. We are expecting our third child this October.

When we moved to Zurich I started my blog Mom In Zurich as a way to bridge the gap for other English speaking moms and travel families to get out and about in Zurich and beyond.  I hope you’ll visit!

Thanks so much Kate for telling us all about the Enge Badi.  I know I am dreaming of some kid free hours by the lake, it sounds perfect! You can also find Kate on Instagram.

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