What is Switzerland’s best kept secret? It isn’t a chocolate brand you have yet to discover, or an undiscovered valley, but rather that Switzerland is a great place to swim. The Badi, as we say here on the Swiss-German side of the country, is a place to swim usually next to a lake or having a pool, often with stunning backdrops that will make you feel like you have landed in the Truman Show. During the summer months here on Simple Family Travel, I hand the reins over every Friday to our readers as they share with everyone their favourite places to swim all around Switzerland. We have family friendly spots, lakes that you will find at the end of a hike and even kid free swimming locations when all you need is a few moments to your self. 


Your favourite swimming location yet to be featured? No Badi is too small, no lake too remote, so fill in the form below and share with us your best kept secret.

Visit your favourite Badi over summer, take some photos and submit your favourite pace to swim! Fill out the form below and send 2-4 Photos to accompany your submission to hello(at)simplefamilytravel.net

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